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  1. November/December, 2023

    Make changes based on campus feedback.

    Finalize metrics.

    Finalize/review data.

    Provide data.

    Provide self-study form.

    Establish ad hoc working committees.

  2. January, 2024

    Communication of finalized goals, process, and timeline to all campus stakeholders.

  3. March, 2024

    March 1

    Check-ins with committees.

    March 22

    Deadline for submitting program review self-studies.

    March 28

    Final reports from committees due.

  4. April, 2024

    April 12

    Preliminary recommendations for programs communicated.

    April 19

    Intents to appeal due.

    April 25-26

    Appeals hearings held.

    April 26

    Final decisions on committee reports communicated.

  5. May, 2024

    May 2-3

    Final recommendations communicated to WVU Tech Faculty Assembly.

    May 6-7

    Final recommendations communicated to PSC Faculty Assembly.

  6. June, 2024

    June 3

    Final recommendations communicated to WVU Faculty Senate.

    June 21

    Final recommendations presented to WVU Board of Governors by Provost Reed.


The Provost’s Office, in collaboration with WVU PSC administration and feedback from the campus community, has provided a process including a program review and committee reports.

Program Review

Self-studies are completed by faculty and reviewed by the Provost’s Office in collaboration with WVU PSC administration, and ultimately approved by the President and then the Board of Governors.

Committee Reports

The committees make recommendations, which are reviewed by the Provost’s Office and WVU PSC administration, which are then sent for approval by the President and Provost.